We Found an Apartment That Fits Our Outlook

My very first apartment was a tiny studio. It certainly was not fancy, and it had only the most basic of needs. It did not even come with a dishwasher or a sink disposal. I worked hard for the next few years or so to do well at my workplace so that I could get something nicer. The problem was that my fiance and our two pets lived with us, so our living quarters were quite cramped. The apartments in Atlanta have been changing for the better over the past 10 years or so. While, in the past, most rental companies were interested in only offering you a dishwasher as something special, today’s landlords have realized that they can bring in a lot more business by offering even more amenities, and that makes residents happier and interested in sticking around longer.

I have had my eye on a particular complex that my fiance and I think looks great. It is built on top of a shopping and restaurant complex. We are both into being as “green” as possible, which means that we walk, ride our bikes or take public transportation wherever we need to go. Continue reading

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: America’s Love Affair with the Two-Party System


The American Founding Fathers were famously suspicious of political parties and warned repeatedly about the dangers of “factionalism.” Americans, however, have long loved them. While much has been made since the November 2012 election about the “death” of the Republican Party, historian Marc Horger reminds us that there have been several major party realignments in American history. Parties may change their characters but the two-party system has proved remarkably durable.

Readers may also be interested in these recent Origins articles about current events in the United States: “Class Warfare” in American Politics; Populism and American Politics, Immigration Policy, Presidential Elections in Times of Crisis, Why We Aren’t ‘Alienated’ Anymore, Detroit and America’s Urban Woes, the Mortgage and Housing Crisis, and American Political Redistricting.

The left side of the American political-entertainment complex has passed the time since the 2012 election watching the Republican Party with a bowl of popcorn in one hand and a bourbon in the other, listening for the sounds of a cracking foundation.

Karl-Rove-vs.-Tea-Party smackdown! Intra-party moneyfights! Dueling State of the Union rebuttals!

20 Birthday Party Decorations That Your Kids Will Love


Year after year, kids grow up eagerly looking forward to their birthdays. Soon after their birthday for that year is over, they are already anticipating the next birthday, which will come only after a year has passed by. So birthdays are of great significance for kids and they expect a lot of things from their birthdays. Most often, children are blissful over their centenaries but sometimes, as is normally with the kids, they aren’t satisfied with some trivial things and feel sad about the matter. So just as expectant the children are of their birthdays, it takes a great headache for parents to make sure everything is perfect and their children get everything that they expected to.

It takes a great deal of parenting to satisfy the needs of children, but splendid birthday decorations will surely help the cause. Here below are 30 awesome birthday party decorations that every kid will love, and make things easier for parents.

1. Fork Placeholder

This simple party decoration uses fork as placeholder. Forks can be used to hold light items like paper and cards. Cutting patterns out of paper

We Were a Party of Two, but Never Quite Alone


During our four months of dating, he had asked me repeatedly to move in with him. Now, with a smile, he was asking again.

“I want to talk to a few of your exes,” I said.

His smile faded.

“You can choose who,” I said. “Anyone you’ve been with six months or longer.”

“No problem. I’ll give you a list.”

My heart tightened. “I don’t want a list. Just a couple of names.”

“I’ll give you a list,” he said. Then he reached over and held me.

Several years earlier, I had ended a long marriage. Depleted, I went man-free for two years, raising my 19- and 11-year-old alone. I didn’t feel ready for another serious relationship, but I missed the fun.

“Go online and meet people,” my business partner, Marilyn, urged. “Cast a wide net.”
Modern Love
A series of weekly reader-submitted essays that explore the joys and tribulations of love.

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Miami Escort Services

Miami is a beautiful city situated on the Atlantic coast of southeast Florida famous for rich history and diverse cultures. It is the most populous city in the south east of United States. It is a major hub of industries like commerce, finance, media, entertainment, culture and trade. Miami also ranked as American’s cleanest city by Forbes magazine in the year 2008.  Miami has a good climate with hot in summers and warm in winters. The languages used in Miami are Spanish and English. People speak Spanish at work and English at home.

It has an international airport named Miami international airport which suffices greater area of Miami. The Miami international airport is the busiest airport in entire Florida. Miami has its own police department and fire department. It has four main sports team. These are national football team named Miami dolphins, national basketball team named Miami heat, baseball team named Miami marlins and national hockey team named Florida panthers. The government structure of city Miami is governed by one mayor and five commissioners.

Some of the famous places of Miami are the cape Florida lighthouse, the oldest building in south Florida and barnacle momentous spot and Miami County’s oldest house. Same

Ex Girlfriend in a Rebound Relationship? Proven and Effective Ways to Win Her Back!

Getting your ex girlfriend back from someone else isn’t as complicated as you imagine. Just as reconciling with an ex involves a game plan, getting your girlfriend back from another guy is no different. The plan of action might include some extra moves, however there are easy ways of making her want to be with you again.

The word “rebound” is one of the biggest advantages you’ve got going at the moment. Did your ex immediately begin dating another guy after breaking up with you? the fact that your ex girlfriend immediately fling herself into the arms of another guy after breaking up with you is actually a good thing. Rather than coping with the break up, your ex hurriedly shoved it into a corner so as to move on with another guy. This implies your ex girlfriend by no means got the opportunity to reconcile her feelings for you, and this is a huge advantage to winning back your ex.

The feelings of a girl don’t stay submerged any time a girl buries them rather than deal with them. As the honeymoon stages of her new relationship disappear, there are ways you can pull gently on those feelings to bring them

Falling in love only takes about a fifth of a second, research reveals

A new meta-analysis study conducted by Syracuse University Professor Stephanie Ortigue reveals falling in love can elicit not only the same euphoric feeling as using cocaine, but also affects intellectual areas of the brain. Researchers also found falling in love only takes about a fifth of a second.

Results from Ortigue’s team revealed when a person falls in love, 12 areas of the brain work in tandem to release euphoria-inducing chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline and vasopression. The love feeling also affects sophisticated cognitive functions, such as mental representation, metaphors and body image.

The findings raise the question: “Does the heart fall in love, or the brain?”

“That’s a tricky question always,” says Ortigue. “I would say the brain, but the heart is also related because the complex concept of love is formed by both bottom-up and top-down processes from the brain to the heart and vice versa. For instance, activation in some parts of the brain can generate stimulations to the heart, butterflies in the stomach. Some symptoms we sometimes feel as a manifestation of the heart may sometimes be coming from the brain.”

Ortigue is an assistant professor of psychology and an adjunct assistant professor of neurology, both

Purifying Gold Love

Love is a word used in many contexts. It can mean anything from lust, desire or attachment to romantic love or the highest Spiritual Love.

The purity of our love can be measured by the happiness it brings us. When we suffer because of our so called «Love» this means that it is not yet pure. It is mixed with ignorance, need, attachment, fear, lust, expectation, dependency or other mental states. These are always the real causes of our suffering when we «love».

Love then is like the gold ore, which is dug up from the earth. It is mixed with other minerals. We need to heat it up and melt it so that we can separate it from the other unwanted substances.

Our relationships with people close to us are the fires, which help us to purify our love. Every time we feel hurt, anger, fear, resentment, bitterness, hate, jealousy, disillusionment or any other negative feeling, it is because our love is mixed with expectation, dependency, need, attachment or fear. The negative feelings, which are generated, are an excellent incentive for us to analyze ourselves and discover what our attachment is and get free from it.

Then we can love a little more